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La Revista Regresión N° 4 ahora en versión en inglés, esperando a que este sea un aporte para la crítica y la expansión del eco-extremismo en países angloparlantes, porque ya va siendo hora de responder con esto, las críticas del primitivismo buenista zerzaniano y de sus compinches.

Traducción: “Chahta-Ima”.
Edición: “Grupo editor de la Revista Regresión”

En defensa extrema de la naturaleza salvaje!
Guerra contra el sistema tecnológico, la civilización y el progreso moderno!

Revista Regresión (Cuadernos contra el progreso tecnoindustrial)



“For too long man has been degraded and nature denied. The detractors of man, legislators, founders of societies, have made of him a monster. Through their blindness, through their corruption by which that band of barbarians, those devourers of corpses and skeletons reduce the human race to a condition inferior to that of animals. Those fortunate swindlers dominate humanity by their vices and sacrifice it to politics with acts of authority. All of those ingrates who can only sit on pillows impose work on man. In like manner they brutalize man with their pedantry, their religions and their arsenal of absurd and capricious laws which prevent him from feeling his degradation. They attribute to him bad instincts, they classify them as criminal in order to provide a justification, and make themselves his masters and guides. And proud and implacable masters at that who will not leave a man alone until the graveside. And these presumed heroes, these simonious destroyers, are the ones who have reddened the earth with blood. These same men have refused to recognize the savages as members of the human race, in order to enslave and slaughter them.”

­ Taken from “Man and Nature” of Alfred Merne (Naturian writer), Revista Blanca N. 122,
August 11th, 1903, Madrid, Spain

Wild Reaction (RS) is dead. The project that united various eco­anarchist, anticivilization, and terrorist groups has finished, but the war continues. It was only a matter of time for the new groups to publish texts and justifications for their actions as has been the case in the past.

The editors of this magazine (as was stated in the last RS communique of August 14th of this year) will continue their literary endeavor to cover all of the violent acts against civilization, technology, modernity, human progress, and artificiality.

We have rejected the selectivism that previously characterized us and in our last publication, “Accursed Chronology: The History of Wild Reaction”, we have included many attacks that took place in Mexico as well as outside of this territory which weren’t necessarily the work of the factions of RS, but were done by groups that are beginning to demonstrate signs of conflict with the technological system. The war against harmful modernity takes place at multiple stages.

Each one will know which one he or she is in, what necessity there is in a given context to undertake an extremist attack in defense of wild nature.
The tendency of eco­extremism has been the stage that has appealed to us the most. Within
RS we found many similarities between ourselves and others who follow this tendency.
The individualists who once formed part of this completed project have sharing various qualities which we will mention below. With this we are not saying that everyone who ends up carrying out extremist acts against the technological system HAS to be this way, but these qualities should be taken into consideration at the very least.

Affinity with and respect for wild nature: There exists a very intimate and symbiotic relationship between nature and our species. We have been losing it little by little with the passing of the generations, but it is possible to reconnect ourselves, and to recuperate our wild nature (though not totally, sure).

We hold nature in high esteem. We come forth from it and we will return to it. To defend it and defend our deepest roots which link us to it is merely a consequence of our still being human and not humanoids. The ability to survive, to recognize flora and fauna, hunting, gathering, and the imagination that makes possible a life as far from civilization as one can muster, are tools which assist the individualist and his circle of like­minded people.

Determination: Daring is one of the things that characterizes our factions. It is necessary to act coldly and without hesitation concerning bystanders during an attack, sabotage, or holdup. If there are any doubts or if they are not sure about defending themselves by any means necessary (to kill or be killed), they’re better off not trying it. In other words, one must be indiscriminate.

Austerity: This decadent society makes us want stuff that we don’t need, though some refuse to see this and are enslaved by the endless pursuit of more trinkets. The majority of people are trying to keep up with the Joneses, they dream of making it big, of having the latest gadgets and comforts, etc. For us, all of that is an abomination. Simplicity: making do with what you have and rejecting civilized vices regarding coveting unnecessary things. These are well­known traits of the eco­extremist individualist.

Sobriety: Keeping sober and rejecting all legal and illegal drugs is really important for our tendency, as we have to be on our toes for whatever might develop. Getting drunk, smoking cigarettes or pot, shooting drugs, huffing, trying to “cure” yourself with homeopathic medicines, or injecting your body with harmful substances makes you stupid, and shows that you don’t even respect yourself. It shows lack of self­control, weakness and carelessness. Thus we reject this behavior totally.

Patience: This is one of the most respectable virtues. Desperation is a disease of civilization. Here we see everything going at breakneck speed, we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and our humdrum provokes desperation in us. To be patient and be careful not only in our actions against the system but also in our daily lives keeps you from getting into problems that have befallen others (jail, accidents, death, etc.) But we repeat, this path is safer but it is by no means foolproof.

Constancy: Working on a project like this is never easy. Unforeseen problems will always arise, and you have to be ready for anything.
Having real motivation will help you to be consistent as an ecoextremist individualist; to work hard and accomplish modest short­term goals that will help you to achieve concrete objectives.

We at Regresion have the goal of publishing this journal, with the objective of providing an appropriate platform for this tendency. If something changes within someone and that person decides to individually join the war passed down to us from our ancestors, we wish him all the best, though this isn’t our goal specifically (to change people’s minds). If that happens, it’s by pure coincidence.

Responsibility: We define responsibility as accepting the aftermath of your actions and assuming the consequences of what you have done.

Realism: Reality often presents us with a defeatist and very pessimistic scenario. Nevertheless, accepting this reality is crucial for removing the blindfold and accepting things just as they are, even if this is difficult. This blindfold is of course utopia. Many have criticized Individualists Tending Toward the Wild or Wild Reaction and similar groups for rejecting the idea of a “better tomorrow”. They critique these groups for not expecting a positive result from fighting in this war, or for rejecting hope. But people are always going to hear only what they want, and not Reality.
The eco­extremist individualist is a realist and pessimist at the same time. He doesn’t listen to the nagging of the puerile optimist; for him, the world is full of dark realities, and he must confront these with strength, defending himself from them with tooth and claw.

Of course we have left out some points. We have chosen to mention the most important ones that occurred to us here.
Eco­extremism is a tendency, not a theory. It is not a rule. All those who feel committed to wild nature will understand it; those who don’t will not.

Autumn 2015

Regresion Magazine: “A Journal Against Technoindustrial Progress”


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